Angelic accessories for summer

Hippy boho trend 2015

I’m definitely getting back into my hippie/boho style this year and as we have had some rather nice weekend weather, I wanted to show off some key accessories from a mixture of brands that are loveable, wearable and will be the envy of all your friends. If you want some really unusual pieces, Instagram has […]

Making Shopping easier with Lyst

Lyst Review

Shopping online can sometimes be a nightmare. I love tons of brands but with a full time job and full time blog, actually having time to scout my favourite brands’ sites is non existent. Thanks to a lovely website called Lyst, the days of shopping across 6 different websites is over! Using your favourite brands […]

Make up tutorial – Going Blonde to Black

Bunnipunch Make up bag

I love having black hair. I don’t know why but with my colouring and having blue eyes, black hair doesn’t look bad on me at all. I have had to adapt my makeup styles though to accompany such a colour change and tried out new products and colours from my normal routine.  As I was […]

Pyjamas Party

Pyjamas party SS15

I know bloggers tend to always look glamorous but the truth is, we like our creature comforts just as much as the next person. I love nothing more then being cozy, comfy and wearing PJ’s that are two sizes too big and when I’m hitting the laptop, being comfortable is key. I have always loved […]

Dinner with Bills, Covent Garden

A review of Bills Restaurant, London

With a table booked at Bills, I was pretty excited to be eating dinner at the restaurant as I had previously been there before for breakfast and lunch.  With a cool presence and a few outlets around central London, I couldn’t wait to view their dinner menu and fill my aching belly. After drinks at Cahoots that same […]

Inside Velvet Living

Review of Velvet Living

Building your own gift boxes are a fabulous idea for when you want to really personalise a present. With a few companies doing this on the market, it was pretty cool to try out Velvet Living and see what special treats they had in store for me. I’m not a huge fan of stocking up on beauty […]

Gypsy Forest

Street Style

It’s always hard to find a nice creative place to grab some outfit pictures but after a walk around our home town last weekend, me and Gary stumbled upon this little forest haven. Sat among houses and roads, this small but quaint woodland area was ideal for some style pictures and it seemed too pretty to […]

A whimsical Eclipse from Ghost

Ghost Fragrance review 2015

With the sun shining on high and the birds singing, I feel like this preview of summer has taken me back to my younger and more bohemian days. As I am in awe of free spirits and boho looks, I have recently found the perfect perfume that embraces that hippy, relaxed style that I adore […]

Drinks with the Tube go-ers at Cahoots, Carnaby Street

Cahoots London review

As soon as I heard about Cahoots in Kingly Court, Carnaby, I could not wait to go and experience this unique place! As I have a huge love for anything London and historic, this was the perfect pitstop for me and Gary to enjoy some cool and cheeky cocktails. Cahoots has had a lot of press and hype so […]

London Night Gent

Menswear Street style

With a trip to The Royal Horseguards, I thought it would be an ace time for Gary to show off some of his latest outfit treats from some really awesome brands. Gary is a really smart dresser so it was great for him to mix this cool, casual Scooby doo tee from Threadless with a cool […]