Preparing for Paris with Lyst

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Mimi and lolo

As you may have seen, Amy and myself are starting to get pretty busy. With campaigns, dinner reviews and a trip to Paris on the horizon, the one thing we have to worry about is what will we wear!

Dinner with Nandos, Old Street, London

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Nandos review Nandos review Nandos review


The place that seems to be a favourite eat location for anyone who appreciates meat, value and something hot but is it really any good?

I have been to a few Nando’s before and wasn’t that impressed (mainly because of it’s untidy manor) but I must confess I did enjoy a recent trip to Nando’s cool and rather modern Old Street branch. With a rather arty injection, this east London store was fresh, clean and modern in its look, appearance and staff. Clever designs were dotted about from the bench seat built into the wall near the door to the brand’s logo appearing like 3D out of the wall. All the furniture, fittings and feel was all rather habitat but I was really impressed at how inviting the place seemed.

Mimi and Lolo’s… SS16 Crocs campaign

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I’m so pleased I can finally show you this amazing little project that me and Amy have come together to do. As we are very similar in the way we think creatively, it was great to implement those thoughts into this cool projects with Crocs.
Many people have mixed thoughts about the brand so the one thing we wanted to do was show off just how amazing the product is.
Ballet pumps, slip-on sandals and cute wedges are just some of categories at Crocs and Amy and me couldn’t wait to show off their new SS16 styles and colours ready for you to wear now.
As East London is a great playground for London creatives, we thought this would be a great place to show off our own individual outfits and prove just how dynamic Crocs can be.
It was great having a beautiful Graffiti background too as London is a city where expression is always welcome.
I really love these wedges that both of us are wearing. Amy found her’s a little difficult to walk in at first but once we were bobbing around finding places to shoot, she took to them really easily! Amy’s wedges are a real classic almost 90’s style that look so cute with her vintage, girlie outfit. These floral wedges I’m wearing are a little girlie for me but I used the colour palette to create this boho outfit which made these shoes look completely different. These wedges were really comfortable to walk around in and felt bouncy and secure. I love the interlocking buckle/strap feature too which meant they are so easy to get on and off.
amy_blog_233 amy_blog_202 amy_blog_191 amy_blog_194 amy_blog_280 amy_blog_243 amy_blog_316 amy_blog_262 amy_blog_268
As April showers sometimes last until summer, wellies are essential for keeping you warm and dry! Crocs have some great options currently and we really wanted to show that these babies aren’t just for the country!
We did of course, test out these wellies to the max but even after a lot of splashing about, we were both snug, dry and looking pretty cute in our outfits too! Both of us went for a festival style here but really these boots look great with girlie, flower frocks and even plain white cotton dresses like I am wearing here. I know Amy is going to use her wellies when she walks her dog Coco and I bet many girls need boots all year round for a similar thing.
amy_blog_542 amy_blog_567 amy_blog_548 amy_blog_566 amy_blog_620 amy_blog_654 amy_blog_671 amy_blog_689 amy_blog_658
DSC_1913amy_blog_006 amy_blog_407 amy_blog_421 amy_blog_536
Sandals are really important for the warmer months as getting some air on your toes is always a must! Crocs sandal options are vast so we choose a couple of our favourites that are sweet, cute and could be worn with anything!
As I’m really into baggy denim I thought it would be fun to style up these Crocs sandals with my new ‘Mermaid’ jeans for the summer. Giving me comfort and movablity, these sandals were instantly comfortable as soon as I put them on and this style is great with jeans, shorts, dresses and even something a little smart like a suit or a 50’s style dress.
DSC_3591 DSC_3603 DSC_3650 DSC_3638 DSC_3619 DSC_3670DSC_3681 DSC_3688 DSC_3703
It was so fun working on this project with Amy for Crocs! We work together so well and using a big brand to dress up with was fun and really creative.
Just can’t wait to wear my Crocs more now!

Dinner with Chiquito, Leicester Square, London

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chiquito restaurant

It really was a rather busy weekend for me and Amy recently. With a Crocs campaign to shoot and a hotel to review, we were both pretty beat when we finally sat down to eat at Chiquito in Leicester Square. It was lovely to finally sit down and relax and after a warm greeting and two milk shakes on the way, we felt a little more at ease and ready to enjoy our meal together.

chiquito restaurant chiquito restaurant chiquito restaurant chiquito restaurant chiquito restaurant

Pink cheeks and roses

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Spring Streetstyle

I really couldn’t wait to show you this cute outfit that I put together. Gary shot it about a month ago when there was an odd warm spell but since then I have had campaigns and reviews that needed to be done.

But now it’s finally here.

The weekend that I put this outfit together was rather a special one. My good friend Craig who I have known for many years dropped by our house for a slumber party of booze and films and we just nipped out to get some flowers and food supplies when Gary grabbed these shots for me.