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Sexy and with Big boobs – Hurray

Ok, so I know it maybe strange but sometimes big boobs doesn’t equal sexy. With girls that are ‘naturally’ gifted, buying bra’s can be a right pain. With straps digging into your shoulders, back ache and some spillage, the last word that comes to mind is sexy. Lucky for us, Large Cup Lingerie are the […]

Swatch, the Valentine’s Heart Breaker

Oh the joy of seeing a new watch that you just have to have!! Swatch are very good at creating alluring, cute watches and this new time piece for Valentines day is just like the rest of them – wonderful. With lovely packing that will make your Valentine feel special, I think this is an […]

Celeb me Mou! S/S 2013

Mou have gone all boho on us. With super trendy and comfy boots, it was only a matter of time before the brand would create a cool and uber trendy campaign for their new collection. With a laid-back rock look that Kate Moss would be proud of, I think Mou have just proven that it […]

Beetle in the Suede

Minnetonka are the shoe brand that you normally would relate to Festival season, Kate Moss and the boho scene. As I am always someone who loves to change people’s perspectives, I thought I would wear my Minnetonka’s in the heart of winter. With the snow(thankfully) gone where I live, it was a great chance to […]

Go on a Journey with Belstaff S/S 2013

Cool, calm and collected is the feel to Belstaff’s new S/S 2013 collection. With a heavy travel, safari and luxury style, the new season at Belstaff is bulging with leathers, belt details and has a stampede of wax jackets and unique skins.  The colour pallet is tame with pale reds, browns, beige’s and olives but with […]

Quick, get to the Bank!

New season = new trends and I love some of the new gems that have touched down at Bank. With Tie-dye denim, neon backpacks, black shorts and stud detailing, the new season at Bank looks like a gooden! Of all the items though, I think the tie-dye and Aztec trainers are definitelly worth an investment […]