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Spending, What’s your habits?

 Ladies, we have all been there. That moment when Net-a-porter’s sale email hits your inbox or when you spot the next it bag on Cara Del(can’t never spell her name.) I’m talking about that moment when you mentally calculate if you can afford that Anya Hindmarch wallet or considered getting a credit card to buy […]

A visit to Tower of London with Marco Polo guidebooks

As someone who has lived in London for most of her adult life, I never thought that I would ever need a guide book for the city. I have always been someone who learns as I go and does some research if I’m really unsure but I wish I knew about Marco Polo books when […]

A visit to London Cat Village

I love cats. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some strange cat lady but after having a few pet cats when I was young, I have grown a huge attachment to these furry friends and I love the company and affection you can get from them. As I haven’t had a pet cat for a long […]

My selfie challenge

 Selfie. It’s one of the worst words that has been created but people love and use this term everyday and bloggers seem to like it too. Social media channels also thrive from it so I thought I would do a little social media experiment. As I don’t have as many followers on my Instagram account as […]

Inspiration ideas for any loft conversion

As I am now married and potentially grown up(that’s very debatable), the next step for me and the husband is to buy a house. We have been saving for a while and with a fairly nice deposit, we are taking the plunge this year and buying our first nest together.  We are both pretty creative […]

Girl amongst the trees

I love any creative places to take my outfit pictures and this little spot on the South Bank was perfect for a summer day look.  As the sun was out, I wanted to wear this sweet dress from Romwe and show off it’s uber cute frills, it has a slight oversized fit but I love how relaxed […]