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Layering street style trends for Autumn 2015

I know, I know! I’m pretty gutted that Summer had waved us off and hidden itself for another 6 months but now that there’s a sudden chill in the air, us girls have to think about the most important thing when it comes to Autumn….layering!! Now this helpful little trend will be your best friend […]

Catalan wedding guest

 I have never been to a wedding abroad before but as our friends Ryan and Lluis are like family, Gary and me knew we wanted to be there to celebrate their big day. But with booking in a review at Silken Park Hotel, flights, ticket requests for LFW and full time job, I didn’t really […]

Take me to your cruise ship!

Cruise ship holidays sometimes get a funny rep. When I was young I used to think that cruise holidays were something you would consider doing when you were retired and wanted a fuss-free trip. Well now I am old(er), I’m starting to understand why people go on them. As I’m not keen on flying(like many), […]

A stay with Silken Park San Jorge Hotel in Platja d’Aro, Spain

I haven’t been to Spain for a fair few years so with the excuse of a friend’s wedding, me and the hubby decided to go and explore Platja d’Aro and stay at the lovely Silken Park San Jorge hotel by the sea. As we haven’t had a break in a while, I couldn’t wait to […]

London Fashion Week SS16 – Day 2 – Retro Painter

I haven’t done much experimenting with Fashion lately so it was a great opportunity to stretch my creative legs during LFW. As it’s the time for self expression, I pulled this outfit together on the second day and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Inspiration wise, I didn’t have much but I […]

A visit to Barcelona with Marco Polo guidebooks

Barcelona, it really is a beautiful place. With a real mixture of cultures and stunning architecture, it’s ideal for a romantic getaway or some fun times with your mates. I have explored this city before but decided to have a day there as we had a friend’s wedding nearby. So with our gang of friends(we […]