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Dinner with BRGR.CO, Soho, London

When Fashion Week is happening, eating just does not. With this in mind, I invited Amy from Vintage Reflection to join me and visit BRGR.CO, a awesome burger joint in the heart of Soho to refuel and chat while LFW was on. With tired feet and empty stomachs, it was the best idea as we could stop, […]

A marriage of outerwear

In our marriage, Superdry is like second nature. With me trotting about in the brand for 6 years now and often coming home with a big bright, orange shopping bag, Gary soon cottoned on to Superdry and has become a die-hard fan just like me.  What I love about Superdry is their amazing variety of products. With summer dresses, beach wear, […]

Creating our new walk-in-wardrobe

I have always dreamed of having a walk-in-wardrobe. When I first watched Sex and the City I saw Carries’s walk-through closet, I knew me and Gary needed something like that in our lives. After a few trials, Gary discovered that the walls in our 116 year old house were surprisingly rubbish when it came to […]

Church yard couture

I really do love Brentwood. There is a horrible stigma about it due to TOWIE but when you avoid that crowd and their shops, Brentwood really is a lovely place. With tons of restaurants and nice people, Brentwood also has some great gems like St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish Church which sits right behind the highstreet. As […]

Dinner with TGI Fridays, Piccadilly Circus, London

It’s funny but before my recent trip to TGI Fridays, I hadn’t been to the restaurant chain for ages. The ones in London are normally loaded with tourists but as it was my birthday not that long ago, me and Gary felt like a change of scenery so we headed to the Piccadilly branch just before […]

Gift ideas that aren’t just for Valentine’s Day

I’ll be honest, this post is late. As work was mental last week and then I was pretty poorly over the weekend, Valentine’s Day was pretty much cancelled in our household this year. As I felt bad that this post wasn’t up, it suddenly dawned on me, that getting presents for each other for Valentine’s Day is […]