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Dusky pink

Dusk is a beautiful time in London. The lighting is great at this time and if taken advantage of, you can get some lovely pictures. Amy and myself met a few weeks back as we had a restaurant review booked up and when ever we meet up, we try and fit in taking pictures of our outfits for our […]

Re-venting the word ‘Bed’

Apparently mankind are great at inventing. Now I don’t know whether me and Gary are good at inventing but we do pride ourselves at looking at something and working out how we can make it better. This way of thinking has been invaluable for us as we are currently doing up our house and it’s a pretty […]

Preparing for Paris with Lyst

As you may have seen, Amy and myself are starting to get pretty busy. With campaigns, dinner reviews and a trip to Paris on the horizon, the one thing we have to worry about is what will we wear! With this in mind, I had a scout around on Lyst and found that I could […]

Dinner with Nandos, Old Street, London

Nando’s. The place that seems to be a favourite eat location for anyone who appreciates meat, value and something hot but is it really any good? I have been to a few Nando’s before and wasn’t that impressed (mainly because of it’s untidy manor) but I must confess I did enjoy a recent trip to Nando’s cool and rather […]

Mimi and Lolo’s… SS16 Crocs campaign

I’m so pleased I can finally show you this amazing little project that me and Amy have come together to do. As we are very similar in the way we think creatively, it was great to implement those thoughts into this cool projects with Crocs. Many people have mixed thoughts about the brand so the […]

Dinner with Chiquito, Leicester Square, London

It really was a rather busy weekend for me and Amy recently. With a Crocs campaign to shoot and a hotel to review, we were both pretty beat when we finally sat down to eat at Chiquito in Leicester Square. It was lovely to finally sit down and relax and after a warm greeting and two […]