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Par la rivière

Mine and Amy’s first day in Paris for our Mimi and Lolo collaboration was just magical. With a gorgeous hotel to stay at in the shape of Hotel Pont Royal (See the post here), and dinner booked that night at Millesimes 62 (that post here), we had some time to kill before the evening begun […]

Getting hair ready for Paris with Toni and Guy

With a busy job, blog and home life, simple things such as getting your hair cut can fall by the way side. It’s pretty lucky then that Amy and myself found our trip to Paris to be the perfect excuse to go and get us and our hair treated by the lovely folk at Toni […]

A stay with Hôtel Pont Royal in Paris, France

When it comes to hotels, Paris has some of the best. Whether they are modern or extremely vintage, Paris is the place if you want 5 star luxury. When me and Amy started planning our trip to Paris, we scouted for hotels near the river. Now as PFW happens around/near the Louvre, I always seem […]

Dinner with Le Millésimes 62, Paris, France

It’s funny how until my recent trip with Amy to Paris, I hadn’t really experienced all that the capital has to offer on the restaurant circuit. I did of course eat when I was in Paris but not like this… On our first night in Paris, we had a table booked at Le Millésimes 62 , on […]

Town wanderer

I love constructing a wardrobe when I go on my travels. I really enjoy deciding what new season pieces I want to showoff and it also gives me a excuse to pick something playful to wear for nights out with Gary. I will admit there was pressure to pack something ‘too cool for school’ for […]

A visit to Paris with Marco Polo guidebooks

I love Paris. The romantic city feels me with with warm memories of 5 seasons of Paris Fashion Week, a trip with friends in my early 20’s and just recently myself and Amy went for our little blogger project, Mimi and Lolo. Now I do know Paris pretty well but that doesn’t mean I don’t get […]