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Create the perfect invite for your next event 

With text messaging, Facebook Live and Whatsapp, I feel like when it comes to organising events, it’s TOO easy to just send a message to your friends via the internet. As I am a traditional girl who loves books(you know, the ones you get from Waterstones), type writers and a pen and paper, I thought […]

Personalise your bag with Anya Hindmarch

Believe it or not but Anya Hindmarch’s cute sticker collection has been out for a few years now(time has flown by) and as I love customising items, I thought I would share the sticker love and add some flare to my AH bag. Before any customising happens, I made sure that I was happy with […]

A change of hair

Since the dawn of time (or the last 2 years at least), I have been blonde. Well bleach blonde to be exact and after continued root dying and watching my hair become more like straw, I finally decided it was time for a change. Now don’t get me wrong, I will miss my bleached look […]

A stay with The Swan at Lavenham, Suffolk

Nestled neatly into the Suffolk countryside is the little town of Lavenham. A beautiful place that time has forgotten, giving its visitors a peep into a past that has been long since gone. With quant, quiet streets and wooden houses, Lavenham has a charming character that feels other worldly yet somewhere you wish to belong. In […]