4 things you can do to increase your confidence levels

If you are feeling down and low about the way you look there are things you can do to give yourself the boost you need and deserve. Covid-19 lockdowns may have hit you hard and you might have found yourself raiding the cupboards and fridge more often than you would normally. I have definitely been guilty of this so here are  4 things you can do to increase your confidence levels that may have been affected by the recent lockdowns.


You might be thinking, ‘if I lose a few pounds and inches I will feel sexy and more myself again’. You can look beautiful in any skin, no matter what size. Diets are okay in the short term, they help you lose weight at a slow and steady pace but when you stop following the guidelines it can be very easy to put the weight you lost back on again. Instead, if you follow a healthy balanced diet, stay away from alcohol and drink plenty of water, you can watch the weight drop off and find the person you love in the mirror once more. 


Along with a healthy balanced diet, in order to lose weight and tone up a little bit quicker, you might benefit from following an exercise routine. You can go for a run or a swim before or after work, just 30 minutes of vigorous cardio-based exercise each day will help you stay toned. Exercise has also been linked to happy hormones being released, this is why you feel happy after exercising. When you feel your body changing you look forward to seeing it in the mirror thus improving your confidence. 

New Wardrobe

A new wardrobe can really boost your confidence. Going shopping, finding new items of clothing that not only look gorgeous but accentuate the parts of your body you love as well. You can go into a shop and maybe even treat yourself to their personal shopper experience, feel like a celeb for the day. Sit back, relax and let someone else find the clothes that will make you feel great. 

You could even go the whole way and even get a brand new look. You can change your hairstyle to give your confidence a boost, an afternoon at the hairdressers always makes anyone feel better. You could also pop into a department store and get a makeover, find makeup that works for you then replicate the looks at home. 


If you are plus size and struggling with your confidence, you could challenge yourself and do something really different and out there like a boudoir photoshoot. These are very common when women are struggling to see themselves as others view them and it also gives them the wake-up call that they are indeed beautiful and sexy. All you need to do is book a shoot, purchase some plus-size sexy underwear, pack your favourite heels and turn up for the time of your life. 

After the experience, why not display the pictures on your walls at home for a real show of confidence?

We hope this gives you the advice and guidance you need to find your confidence again. 

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