6 Tips for Perfectly Presented Food

Many people think that the way food is presented does not matter as long as the dish tastes good, but at least a little part of what makes a meal so enjoyable is how it looks on the plate. That means you can make sure people enjoy your home cooking even more by taking the time to present it perfectly. I love nothing more then creating insta-worthy dishes and I know many others do too so with that in mind, here are my top tips for presenting your food as perfectly as possible.

Pretty plates

Some people think that you should always serve food on a white plate so that the focus is on the colour of the food and that can work well, but pretty pastel plates like the ones in the Rose and Tulpani Concerto and Nador serveware range can be equally as good providing your choose colours that complement the food in your dish, and the nicer the plates, the more appetising the meal appears.

Have a little height

Some people like to spread food out so that it fills the whole plate, but that tends to look sloppy, so if you want to really WOW your dinner guests, build upwards instead. Place your steak on top of your mash and place a glazed carrot or two on top of that, for example, finished with a little garnish, and the plate will look curated rather than simply thrown together.

Get rid of smears and splashes

Food can get messy and it is not unusual for you to accidentally splash a little sauce or smear some on a part of the plate where it shouldn’t be. Instead of just leaving those splashes, wipe them away with a clean cloth for an immaculate plate of food.

Slice horizontally

When it comes to meat, if you slice it horizontally at a 45-degree angle rather than vertically, it will showcase the middle of the meat and how perfectly you’ve cooked it, so that people will not be able to wait to tuck in and enjoy it for themselves.

Use colours that contrast

When you are trying to build the perfect plate, as well as thinking of the right flavours, you should also be thinking about the colours you can use to make the plate more interesting too. Contrasting colours like red meat and green spinach or orange sauce and green peas, can really make the plate pop and that is exactly what you want.

Play with textures too

The more textures you have on one plate, the more interesting it will be to look at, and to eat, so instead of simply serving a liquid soup, add some croutons or instead of serving chips with steak, go for mash, which has a much different consistency instead and layer all of those textures up so that your eyes really have something to explore.

If you put these tips into action next time you’re in the kitchen, you’ll have your guests’ mouths watering before they even take a bite.

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