8 simple ways to keep motivated

Whether it’s working from home, maintaining a workout or dieting, keeping yourself motivated can sometimes be really tough.

After recently leaving a full time job and now working for myself, a new routine has brought a relaxed feel to my day. That might sound nice but I am learning to keep myself and my business(and blog) on track.

I also starting my new diet back in June too so with all these new ventures, I have learnt that no matter what dreams you have, there are some simple exercises you can do to keep yourself motivated and on track.


I previously worked from my own office when I owned a PR company(Carrot top PR), but now I work from home it can lead to Pyjama days, not leaving the house and wanting sugary treats. I did start off a little on the lazy side but by following these tips, my new goals and yours too, can be achieved a lot more easily:


It’s great to be motivated but keeping on top of your goals can easily be affected by lack of sleep, life changes and any other commitments you may have.

Maybe these can help:

I hope some of these tips help you achieve your destiny!

Don’t forget, always keep your chin up and use these ideas to give your life that happy and inspiring boost.

I would love to hear of any motivational ideas you have tried and tested too.  Please comment below.

Images captured by Amy.


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