A beauty makeover for AW15 with Essence

I love trying out new makeup products for a new season! As its now winter, the party season is finally here so I wanted to try out wearing some great pieces from Essence that are easy for many to wear and look good too.  Here I am wearing Essence product head to chin and I also created a video to show you how easily it was to achieve this look.


Essence Cosmetics review

A good foundation can sometimes be a nightmare to find. As I prefer BB creams because they aren’t too heavy, this Pure Nude foundation and concealer are perfect for my skin and my day to night needs. By simply using the concealer to mark out my t-zone and darker areas like my chin and eyes, this product pretty much doubles up like a highlighter and the Pure Nude foundation just finishes off the look and gives me even coverage all over.

Essence Cosmetics review

As it’s the time for year for parties, parties, parties, I thought I would try out this grey palette and berry eyeshadow. As I love to mix colours, I first applied the berry eyeshadow that has some cute glitter flickers in it. It’s a bold colour if your skin is light but it does look great with Essences’ Multi-action mascara. I then used Essence’s grey palette and applied the shimmery snowy white colour underneath my eyes for a white glow. It was easy to do and I love the mix of shimmers and glitters that do work great together.

Essence Cosmetics review Essence Cosmetics review

To finish off my beauty look, I applied Essence’ lipstick called Sparkling Miracle. It’s a great lippy that made my lips feel lush and kissable and didn’t dry them out at all.  It’s pink/purple colour is a real contrast against my eyes but complements them perfectly too.

Essence Cosmetics reviewEssence Cosmetics review

Have you tried any of these products? I am definitely going to wear these more over the Christmas period!

Mascara – Essence

Lipstick – Essence

Concealer – Essence

Foundation – Essence

Grey palette eyeshadow – Essence

Mono eyeshadow – Essence

Makeup brushes – Lottie London


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  1. Enass says:

    I have tried the multi action mascara. It’s such a gorgeous mascara really stands out your eyes.. I love essence cosmetics and I really want to try out the mono eyeshadow so and the colour beerry me it’s such a beautiful purple colour.

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