A Fairytale Collar….

Collars are the new ‘it’ accessory for dressing up any simple dress, shirt or tee so thank god Fairytales and hidden notes have some gorgeous pieces to help with this new trend. The brand have a lovely Lace Collar which would be great on top of a shift dress but I love the Heart collar Brooch which is totally cute and wanted now!

4 responses to “A Fairytale Collar….”

  1. sarahbetty says:

    Oh these are lovely. I adore. xx

  2. MissAmySimon says:

    I have the heart ones – it’s so lovely!

    Amy x

  3. I couldn’t wait until I finish work to catch up on your blog! I am the master of procrastinating! Hurrah! The collar is cute, and i think i’ve seen a pic of fearne cotton wearing the heart collar brooch, and i wondered where it was from. Now I know! I think I’ll make a purchase after xmas. Enjoy your festive break, have a lovely christmas and all the best for 2012! Lots of love xxxx

  4. Lolo says:

    Thanks! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx

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