The fabulous Urban Outfitters invited me to their store to see their new A/W product, take pictures and admire their awesomeness!

Urban have a few trends this season but they are all a little more raw and wearable then other brands.  There is a heavy influence of Kurt Cobain and ‘My so called Life’ inspiration that it feels like the 90’s have come back to us but in a more modern approach.  As well as strong slogan Tee’s, shirts, jeans and jackets, the brand’s shoe package is also mouth wateringly good and I fell in love with at least four pairs they had. There is plenty of jewellery to match with this 90’s look and very cute satchels that gives a college look and feel.

Have a look Urban’s site and see if there is anything that takes you back to the 1990’s, (If you were born after 1989, then sadly you are too young to remember the big clothing and skateboarding hair).
This Fox head cardigan, I totally fell for and looks ultra cute for A/W.

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