A little Spice Girl nostalgia with WALKERS

So you may not know this but I was a huge Spice Girls fan when I was 12/13. Wannabe had just come out and for a girl of that age, it was like a shiny, sassy unicorn entering my life. I loved the whole ‘Girl Power’ message the band shouted from the rooftops but the Spice Girls were also special to me as I would re-enact the Wannabe video with my late school friend Helen.

As you can imagine, I feel like I am reliving the 90’s a little as the Spice Girls have teamed up with Walkers to celebrate the Spice World reunion tour which started in Dublin on the May 24th and ends on June 15th in Wembley, London. The band have actually collaborated with WALKERS before and you can watch that advert here.

Spice Girls WalkersSpice Girls WalkersSpice Girls Walkers

I think the new advert is fun, celebrates the girls and best yet, shows just how delicious and hard it is to share WALKERS crisps. If you haven’t seen the new advert for the collaboration you can watch it below.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTecxuebscI[/embedyt]

I have seen some Instagram stories of the tour too which really brings back the memories of me and Helen dancing and singing in my conservatory back in 1996.

Spice Girls WalkersSpice Girls Walkers


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