John Rocha SS14David Koma SS14Holly Fulton SS14London Fashion week 2013 Street Style bunnipunch London Fashion week 2013 Street Style bunnipunch London Fashion week 2013 Street Style bunnipunch London Fashion week 2013 Street Style bunnipunch London Fashion week 2013 Street Style bunnipunchAfter 8 seasons of London Fashion week and 4 of Paris, I have had my fair share of weird moments, intense runs to shows and I have seen the blogger and street style industry grow at an astonishing rate.

New Look recently asked me to think about Fashion week and blogging and what it means to me and I thought I would share some of my experiences with you….

Spring/Summer is always the better and more interesting collections to see as designers produce a orignal product in bright colours but also set their path for A/W too. After seeing all the collections from S/S 2014, I think I am most looking forward to the Candy colours from Burberry and David Koma Japanese futuristic cuts with his signature cobalt blue and white.  It will be interesting to see both these commercial yet unusual designers transformed to the high street but their colour palette choices and cuts will be hitting stores as soon as March blooms.

It’s Funny with LFW as it is different every year but I noticed a lot more Street Fashion shows appearing on the cobbles of Somerset House(some invited, some not) and it seems that some new untapped designers are going to great lengths to be discovered and show off their new collections. It’s probably not the best way to come across but the drama of it all is generally pretty amusing.

I think among all the designers at LFW, John and Simone Rocha are the ones I look forward to most. Both speak in a textured language with volume and colour but both equally know the wants of their own generations and build excitement whenever their shows are about to begin.  It’s definitely a hereditary gift, Talent and John has passed on a lot of the trait to his daughter and it shows with each season Simone designs.

Truth is, Fashion week is what made me what to start a blog. I begun back in 2009 when the madness of the blogger world hadn’t fully grown so I was in a very untapped and young industry. It is hard to maintain a blog when you see so many others start their sites and also drop off the radar but the hard work does pay off and if you want to do a blog, you have to be 100% committed to your craft and your site is your baby.  I also love writing and found it is a great way to let my creative side have some play time and the Fashion industry has always been another great passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

If you are thinking about starting a blog and want to go to London Fashion week, it may seem pretty exciting and a novelty at first but if the passion isn’t there in the first place, the ride won’t last long so make sure you do it for the right reasons as it is hard work too.

Check out all the new Gorgeous treats from New Look online now and have a look at some key A/W trend pieces too!

All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey

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