So Uggs. A brand that came out of nowhere, worn by Celebrities and was originally for Australia’s after they finished catching a big wave. I sadly never really understood the whole love of Uggs thing but when I saw the images of their new A/W collection I was pleasantly surprised and better yet, not an Ugg boot in sight.
As Winter products are their speciality, Uggs have taken key trend pieces such as the ankle boots, clogs and the riding boot shape to create shoes that are comfortable, durable and fashionable.
I have been lucky enough to be given the chance to use some of the new A/W 2011 boots to show how easy they are complementing outfits and to show you the little details you would never normally see.

My Favorites so far are the Riding boots with the metal stir-ups that tucks underneath the heel. You can also see the quality of Ugg’s products especially on the purple suede boots(above) with the contrast stitching used to attached the shoe to the sole.


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