Bunnipunch x Ghigo styleBunnipunch x Ghigo style Bunnipunch x Ghigo style Bunnipunch x Ghigo style Bunnipunch x Ghigo styleI love collaborating with brands and Ghigo Style have a great vision and love to create fun pieces.  With designs dedicated to greats like Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Coco Chanel, it was an honour to work with Ghigo Style and create this gorgeous pillow and t-shirt design that embraces Bunnipunch and its tough yet soft personality.  Made from a very good cotton/canvas material, this pillow has taken pride on my bed and has attracted a lot of attention!

The brand also take pictures of your pets or children and revamp and turn them into celebrities or personalities giving you a great gift idea and also something rather special too.

Check out their site here and I will also be showcasing my t-shirt with the Bunnipunch print soon too!

Images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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