A Pink Monster for Big Tunes

Monster Headphones review 2014Monster Headphones review 2014Monster Headphones review 2014I love MUSIC.

Before blogging came along and I embarked on a Fashion career, I used to sing in a band, play guitar and write my own tunes. Everyday I would think about new lyrics and inspiration and a lot of thanks went to the artists that I would always listening to on the tube or on the bus.  Sadly as the modern Music industry is only driven by money and not talent, I knew I couldn’t do it professionally(as the politics would annoy me too much) but still Music is a huge  part of my life.

As I love pink and love headphones that make a statement, you can imagine I totally fell for these Monster DNA headphones when I saw them. Available in a variety of colours, they fold up and fit into a cute pouch so they are perfect for traveling and for taking them on the tube.

And then there is the Sound…

The Quality of these headphones are really, really good. I’m totally loving Disclosure at the moment so bass is pretty important with songs from those dudes and with this headphones, they make the music sound so clear and awesome. They also fit tight to your head so you barely have any noise escape and they rock when you use them for youtube videos or movies.

Check out Monster’s headphones here as you are bound to find a pair that you will love too!

Images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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