A really quick food guide to England and the UK

The UK is among the most historically important places on the planet. A tale that can be told by the food each part of the country serves. Here’s a quick food guide to England and what you can expect.

To the Serene South

You can see some of the most beautiful places along the English coast at the very bottom of the UK. There are hotels in Ilfracombe and other beautiful coastal areas, as well as a lot of Cornish vacation homes. And hotels like Sandy Cove offer AA dishes made with local produce. The beaches and water in the South West of Britain are so clean that dolphins, whales, and puffins like to hang out there. This also makes them fertile breeding grounds for an abundance of shellfish. Most hotels are a short distance from the serenely quiet, clean beaches. 

The Wild East 

When it comes to British seafood, the fish caught in Whitby in the North East is the best. The fishermen in Saltwick Bay are so good at catching cod and mackerel in its waters that they supply a big part of Britain. So, it makes sense that the shops and restaurants in the area serve the best fish and chips in the whole country. But Whitby is also known for being the place where the classic horror Dracula took place. Both Whitby and Scarborough are close to the North York Moors. Scarborough and its famous seaside funfair lie just to the South of Whitby.

A Food Guide to England Includes the North

The bustling North of England is very different from the South, which is calm and quiet. These parts of Britain have a lot of history. They have rough terrain, harsher weather, and an industrial city. You shouldn’t pass it up if Hot Pot is on the menu. Other dishes to look out for include:

Liverpool’s famous Scouse stew.

Newcastle’s Pease Pudding.

Fish and chips are pretty much everywhere.

The Industrial Revolution started in the Northern Powerhouse, especially along the coasts, river inlets, and canals of Manchester and Leeds. There are many museums in these cities that give unique views into their historical importance and productive pasts, such as the Royal Armouries.

The Western Weald

This beautiful part of the UK is called the West Country, and it has some of the best farmland in the country. If Wales is known as “Britain’s breadbasket,” then the West Country is known as “Britain’s meat pot.” Here, you can find some of the best-raised animals in the world. The EU PGI protects the lamb and beef from Cornwall, Devon, and the surrounding areas in Wales because it is so good. As are the famous cheddar and, of course, the Cornish Pasties. Also, the rolling hills are home to beautiful towns and cities that all get their food from local farmers.

Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland

Of course, the UK is made up of other countries such as Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Welsh lamb is famous all over the world, but there’s also their national dish of Welsh Rarebit, a kind of posh cheese on toast. Northern Ireland makes two of the best things that can go together with traditional Irish stew and soda bread. While Scotland veers off from the beaten path with strange dishes such as haggis and even deep-fried Mars bars. Both of which are supremely delicious, no matter how weird they sound. You won’t believe how good they are.


You can tell a lot about the history of a place by its food. A quick food guide to England and the rest of the UK includes southern seafood, hearty northern dishes and world-class livestock.

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