A Spa trip with The Well, Clerkenwell, London

After realising the benefits of regular massagers, it was lovely to take a trip to London with Amy and experience The Well in Clerkenwell. The spa itself was a really relaxing and calming place to be and with trendy tropical prints on the chairs and walls and friendly, professional staff, I felt very at ease and both me and Amy were so happy to get some attention for our stressed bodies.

Before my massage begun, I had a chat with the masseuse to talk about any concerns and aches. As I hold all my stress in my shoulders,  I mentioned this when I had my consultation and I also said that I don’t have as many massages as I should do.

Once we went through any thoughts and worries, I prepared for my massage in a very calming and cool room.

As well as concentrating on my shoulders and arms, I also had my legs stretched out by the masseuse which felt really needed and I also received a massage to my feet and hands which I feel do not get as much attention as they should do.

I also found that the hour passed at a good pace too and I felt very chilled and comfortable the whole time.

If you are looking for a great place to feel relaxed and have a beneficial massage, The Well is the place to go. Based in central London, it is perfect if you work/live in town and it was lovely going with Amy as we were able to both have a massage at the same time and really experience the Spa and the lovely team that work there.

Learn more about The Well here.


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