A stay with Dorsett Hotel Shepherds Bush, London

As fashion week is rather full on and I don’t have the luxury of living in London anymore, me and Amy were in desperate need of a lovely hotel that could accommodate us over the two busy days we had planned. As well as planning out what we would wear, we wanted somewhere we could relaxed and unwind, style up the outfits we packed and try out makeup and products like my Savvy travelers wipes.

We’re weren’t too fussed on location(as long as it was near central London) so we were thrilled when we were given the chance to stay at the beauty Dorsett Hotel in Shepherds Bush.

Located about 5 minutes from the tune stop, it is in a great location if you want to stay somewhere slightly away from central which has tons of shops to hit too(Westfield is like 7 mins walk away).

I wasn’t sure what the hotel would look like inside but I was really struck at how vast and stunning it was. With an a classic London architecture exterior, the interior could not be more different with its high ceilings and oriental inspiration that you experienced through the lobby, restaurant and the rooms also.

Once we checked in, were we allowed into our room a little early so we could drop off our amense amount of stuff. Even though it was for just me and Amy, our room did feel very romantic and it was obvious to see all the love and care that had been given with all the furniture and lamps and curtains.

After we had a gorgeous lunch at Ceru in Kensington and attending some shows, we finally made it back to the hotel for some dinner. It was a late one for us but we were so hungry and eager to see what the food was like at the Dorsett’s Picture restaurant.

Once we arrived, we were seated in a chic, velvet chaired room that embraced the oriental touches with tables and decorations. It felt a very welcoming and I really couldn’t wait to sample the food with Amy.

The menu had some great experimental dishes including Irish Ox cheek and Suffolk Chicken, which I wanted to try as well as more traditional options too. We didn’t think we could manage a starter I ordered the chicken for my main and for my dessert, I asked for a selection of ice cream flavours including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.  I was a little unsure as the chicken came with truffle popcorn but it was a nice twist to a classic meat and my ice-cream was divine!

Once we had our fill of dinner, we eventually headed up to our room for a well needed sleep and I dropped off as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning we awoke fresh and ready for our second day but just before we headed out, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast from the hotel, brought straight to our room.

Fruit, cereal, bread rolls and juice were all on offer and it was a welcomed meal to fuel us up before we got ready to check out and head off for a second day at LFW.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Dorsett. It is a beautiful looking hotel and with a gorgeous interior, welcoming staff and great food, it won’t be long before I take another trip to the hotel and enjoy it’s great location and comfortable beds.

Images by Me and Amy.


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