A stay with HUUS Hotel, Gstaad, Switzerland

Switzerland…a place where the rich live and the land is just as wealthy. I have been lucky and explored quite a bit of Europe but this is one country I really wanted to go to. After doing some research on where to stay in Switzerland, I found Huus, a beautiful hotel located in the mountains and between Saanen and Gstaad. Gary and I were in need of a well-deserved rest after renovating the house so after a chat to their press team, we were packed and our flights booked!

As Huus hotel is at a high altitude, there aren’t any ‘big’ airports around for commercial flights to land at. There was a private airport just down the road but unless you have your own private jet, normal people have to fly to Geneva. The airport in Geneva isn’t huge but there are some great transport links to get to the resorts in Switzerland and the team at Huus informed us that we could take two trains to get to the hotel. We jumped on one that took us east as far as Montreux where we changed for the mountain trains to Saanen. You can be driven via a car service(which can be €300 +) from the airport but really the train is fun with stunning views and it felt more relaxing too.

After 3 hours – yes it takes that long, we arrived at Saanen train station. The town was so beautiful and instantly we felt a million miles away from London and the dirt of the city. We were keen to walk after our plane and train ride) so we pushed our cases up a few hills – these were very steep as you can imagine and we arrived at Huus after 20 minutes.

We both knew how beautiful the hotel looked from its website but when we arrived, we felt the pictures just did not do the hotel justice. The building itself is pretty big and has a real rustic but new/modern twist to it. The bar and restaurant are both on the same floor as the reception desk which was nice to see when we first walked in and the place felt welcoming instantly.

We were greeted by a super friendly team when we got to the reception desk and they even suggested we eat at the restaurant that night which was convenient after all that travel.
Once we were all checked in and had a table booked for that evening, we took our bags down one floor, to our room. The floor sito is slightly different at Huus then it is at other hotels. As the hotel is high up, the floor numbers grow larger as you descended in the lift(rather than when you normally go up) but with descriptions of the floors by the buttons, we had no trouble finding our way around and knowing what floor we needed.

I had seen pictures of course of what our room would look like but I wasn’t fully prepared for just how amazing it was. The decor was a mix of natural textures(which Gary and I love) with modern furniture and fixtures. We had a cosy walk-in shower which had space for both of us but really it was the view that stole the show. As we were only one floor down from reception, we had an incredible view of Saanen and there were just mountains upon mountains outside our window. It was the most relaxing scene I have ever witnessed and there was even a private balcony for us and some seats so we could sit outside any time, day or night.

We had a big, beautiful bed in our room which looked uber inviting and even a nice seating area which was great to have. There was plenty of hanging space in the wardrobe as well and even coat hooks for all our walking gear and jackets which came in handy.

Once we unpacked and got over that view(honestly, we never did), we freshened up and went for dinner.

The atmosphere of Huus at night is fabulous! A DJ(a guy who looked too cool for school), was playing some great tunes, a few nights we were there and the bar was well stocked with nearly every drink imaginable! We made a note of visiting the bar after dinner and walked into the restaurant where we were greeted by the team and seated at a perfect table with a purple velvet sofa.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the menu at La Vue Restaurant but there was some great classics on there. Spaghetti bolognese, calamari and beef filet are on offer but there were also some more adventurous dishes such as wild boar cutlet and red pikeperch curry.  The food quality was excellent too and the service was wonderful.

After we had dinner, we gravitated to bar and ordered some drinks. I have a fondness for Pina colada so opt for that while Gary tried one of the many whiskeys the bar had on display. It was lovely being in the bar/lounge area and we even ended up chatting to some of the other guests while we enjoyed our drinks.

As well as great food and cocktails, there were plenty of other things to do and enjoy at Huus. There are some fabulous seating on the terraces on the same floor of the bar which is open 24/7. You can sit day or night out there and if it gets a little nippy, there are blankets available to keep you warm and toasty under the moonlight.

As well as taking in the view, you can also visit the games room. Gary and I were both taken back by how big it was and how much there was on offer. We well as the usual suspects of pool tables and darts, Playstation consoles were also available for people to play on and it was great to see some families playing on them together.

If games are not your thing, there is also a fabulous pool, sauna and steam room available for some relaxation. We were in the pool nearly every day and it’s the perfect size to do some lengths or just to have a relaxing dip.

Huus hotel offers a wide range of extras for their guests and we couldn’t believe how much they offer:

Huus all in summer

River rafting

Family canyoning

Indiana Jones (flying fox, rappelling, via ferrata)

Climbing lessons with mountain guides

Free entrance to the rope park

Guided mountain bike tours at different levels with free mountain bikes

Guided walking tours on Alpine nature trails with varying levels of difficulty offered

Huus all in winter

Ski school lessons for kids up to the age of nine in the HUUS ski-school

Ski tickets for kids up to the age of nine

Ski equipment for kids up to the age of nine

Free-ride days with HUUS mountain guides

Exploring the Gstaad ski area with the HUUS ski guides

Guided winter walking tours

Guided snowshoe hiking tours, including equipment and the cheese fondue party

Ski shuttle service

Huus sledges

Huus life essentials

HUUS test skis (touring skis, freeride skis, normal skis and snowboards)

Walking shoes

Mountain bikes

Nordic walking sticks and trail sticks from Mammut

Backpacks in every room from Mammut

Binoculars from ZeissSuitePads from Samsung in each room

Free high-speed Wi-Fi

If you are thinking of a trip to Switzerland at any time, you really should plan a stay at Huus hotel.  It is one of the most relaxing places I have ever been and with things to do all year round, you will have a great balance of activity and relaxation.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures at Huus hotel and Switzerland – I couldn’t possibly put it all in this one post as it would have been ridiculously long!)

DISCLAIMER: Myself and Gary were offered 3 nights accommodation for an honest review.

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