A stay with Knoll House Hotel, Dorset

As someone who finds it very hard to switch off, getting away from it all and putting my phone on silent is rare. There aren’t many times when I can do this but when I visited Knoll House Hotel recently, I relaxed completely.

Set along the Studland coast in Dorset(which we arrived at by ferry), I could feel the stress levels leave my body as we drove up the stony driveaway. Set along a country road facing the sea, you could almost mistake the grand building as someone’s rather large house with its lush patio area and gorgeous green lawn.

Once we were checked in, we were shown to our room which was the one that the famous writer Enid Blyton stayed in which felt like a great honour. There was also a plaque with information about Enid which was great to read and if you are a major fan of hers, this is definitely a stop-off visit for you.

With a few hours to kill before dinner, I captured some images and even managed to have a snooze in the bath(so relaxing) before we got dressed and headed down for our meal. Our room had a classic vintage feel to it which felt authentic and it was just lovely the way it was. We even had a view of the sea which was a massive bonus for town and city dwellers like us.

The main restaurant in Knoll House is huge. Located at the base of the hotel, it is a big, bright room with some great seating along the front, by the windows where we were seated.

The Menu had some great and classic British favourites like slow-roast beef and pan-fried salmon but I opted for a flat stuffed mushroom for a starter(as did Gary) and the Chicken en croûte as a main. Gary is a lover of lamb so he choose that dish which looked divine and we then shared a delicious brownie to finish off a fabulous evening.

It felt totally romantic sat there with the candles flicking and after a few glasses of Baileys(it would be rude not too), I was ready for bed and some serious z’s.

The next morning I awoke fresh and ready for a new day. We headed down the old(and very traditional) staircase and was sat for breakfast at the same table we had the night before. There was an array of different options for breakfast but Gary and I both went for something cooked and some toast, which is always a favourite of mine. Served with some yummy tea and honey, breakfast was utterly delicious and a perfect tummy filler to keep us going while we explored Studland.

We didn’t walk too far from the hotel but we did explore some very old WW2 lookout posts that were along the coast which did feel slightly haunting. We even walked along the beach and saw some of the old beach huts that were littered about and even spoke to some locals when we stopped to pet their dogs.

I definitely got a very relaxing vibe from the people who were there and it did make me feel slightly envious when I saw them enjoying a walk on the sand with their dogs which felt like a million miles away from our lives currently.

We ambled back to the hotel at about 12 pm as we wanted to try out the Hotel’s pool. It’s an indoor pool with a steam room and sauna in the same building and there is even a hot tub outside for visitors to enjoy. We had a little swim for about 30 mins in the indoor pool before we both decided to try out the hot tub. I hadn’t been in one before but once we got in, I did NOT want to get out! We had a fantastic view too which was fab and with the sun on our faces, it felt like we were abroad somewhere.

(Bikini by Freya)

To end a perfect afternoon, we strolled back to the hotel to enjoy, what can only be described as the most heavenly afternoon tea with champers. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the delicious treats which comprised of finger sandwiches, scones, jam and clotted cream and plenty of sweet cakes that left me feeling happy and fulfilled. What really finished off the perfect afternoon was us, just sitting there relaxing, enjoying the view and the warm spring weather that seemed to grace us with its presence. I almost felt guilty about relaxing and doing nothing but its purely because we just don’t get to do it much at the moment.

Once the sun started to dip, we headed back into the hotel to have a little look around. It’s a very traditional hotel in every sense that celebrates its history to its fullest. From championing Enid Blyton to displaying old letters that were found during its renovation, Knoll House Hotel is full of stories and vintage finds that just makes the place so charming and loveable.

I definitely learnt something about myself during our stay at Knoll House Hotel. I used to be able to always be active and think at 100 miles an hour but I have learnt that the older I get, I should really start to relax a little more and most of all, learn to switch off my brain and just be in the moment. It’s hard as I am a very ambitious person who always wants to do more but I think learning to adapt is a challenge in itself.

If you fancy a relaxing weekend where you can walk, talk and enjoy quality time with your family or other-half, Knoll House Hotel is the one to visit. I seriously didn’t want to leave that peaceful place and for me, someone who doesn’t like to sit still for too long, that says a lot.

Find out more about Knoll House Hotel on their website here: www.knollhouse.co.uk

DISCLAIMER: I was offered a two-night stay at Knoll House Hotel in exchange for an honest review.


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