A stay with Silken Park San Jorge Hotel in Platja d’Aro, Spain


I haven’t been to Spain for a fair few years so with the excuse of a friend’s wedding, me and the hubby decided to go and explore Platja d’Aro and stay at the lovely Silken Park San Jorge hotel by the sea. As we haven’t had a break in a while, I couldn’t wait to experience this amazing hotel and breathe in some fresh sea air and enjoy some quality time with the other half.

As Barcelona Airport is a good 74 miles from Platja d’Aro, we decided to book a transfer with the lovely people from Suntransfers.com. As we didn’t fancy a cab and arrived too late for the bus, it was great to have a friendly and suited driver waiting for us when we landed and we happily chatted all the way to our hotel. Riding in a comfortable Merc that had aircon and soft seats, I would definitely suggest Suntransfers if you have a long trip to do in Spain. It’s easier than local transport and the drivers are professional, helpful with your luggage and have great local knowledge of Spain that they are always happy to share.

On our arrival to the hotel, the staff were really friendly and helpful with information for our stay and also the town and where was good to eat that night(as we were starving!). After we got booked it, we headed to our room to drop off our cases. Now I can talk about the room all day long(as it was chic, very comfortable and clean) but what stole the show for me was the view. Our room looked over a private beach and a cliff’s edge that is a key feature for Silken Park hotel and even though we couldn’t see much as it was late at night, you could still hear the waves lapping at the beach. It was heaven to stand on the balcony that night and hear and smell the Ocean and once I knew it was there, I couldn’t wait to see if in the morning.

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 And I wasn’t disappointed.

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The view was better than I had imagine so after we went down stairs and had a delicious breakfast(there was SO MUCH to choose from), we both got our swimming bits on and went for a walk on the beach.

4ACFFBF7-98C4-4B99-96AA-9679E5419D4C.jpg D7B27F46-83C0-4FD9-8E29-CC443809FBBF.jpg F3950F7E-4781-40FD-8AD5-9C8EC856D29E.jpg C1282875-360D-47CF-92EB-E8B8A2B9FFF6.jpg C029EB2E-9E19-4DD8-AFB9-48EF62E587D3.jpg AA103BD3-4E99-4008-8D0A-8574639254B1.jpg 708238F1-0B01-4F97-8284-1798E8DDA781.jpg C8A71BE2-01E8-4632-AB87-2D77E04D9AC7.jpg D997EAAB-0CE6-4E14-BA52-66ECAE8F18B1.jpgPhoto-05-09-2015-10-55-42-1.jpg Photo-05-09-2015-11-06-30-1.jpg Photo-05-09-2015-12-05-43.jpg 80AE3340-E165-4430-BE1D-8F2CA0D8A17F.jpg 7A4AD3A6-6BE0-436F-990B-23B6926C9435.jpg Photo-05-09-2015-10-58-12-1.jpg Photo-05-09-2015-11-04-48-1.jpg

 Now Gary isn’t really one of the beach but I have to admit that it was pure joy feeling the sea lap my legs and feel the salt where give my feet some R&R. We also got the opportunity to get some pictures of my gorgeous circle boho towel and find some nice shells to take home with. Once we I had a splash around and stopped myself from falling in, we both walked back to check out the pool.

268A9F5D-5829-4949-949A-71219E4E49C1.jpg 4CC4DA92-16BC-4ADD-BDE0-FBBB36D64107.jpg D523A5AA-636F-4E60-A5F7-AB9B8AE2EC52.jpg 31C34387-AC72-438B-90BC-C0D9F8ED7E38.jpg 73154E8A-EF1A-4427-926C-E1DFEB49F553.jpg

And it was MASSIVE!

I was really surprised when we came round the corner and first saw the pool and me and Gary couldn’t wait to get in it!! It was a little cold at first but it didn’t take us long to pluck up the courage and drive it! As well as it being a big pool, there was plenty of space for the hotel guests to sit around the grounds and once we finished having a swim we had a yummy lunch (which was delicious) and enjoyed the beautiful view.

D26E9BD6-91BD-448B-8ED2-C24E447BD125.jpg 27895DF4-8905-40C8-8F58-98A32B5F7E36.jpg F0AD8A3D-C682-465B-9384-C9945BA5921B.jpg AD8909D7-5219-4567-A14F-2938D342299C.jpg

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with your partner or friends, Silken Park San Jorge Hotel is a great place to visit. It is family friendly, quiet enough for a romantic getaway and really is breathtaking! The hotel itself has a real beach-chic style and with helpful staff and great facilities, Gary and me will definitely be heading back there soon.

Thanks to the team at Silken Park San Jorge Hotel for making our stay so special and magical!

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