A stay with St Moritz Hotel in Cornwall, England

When it comes to resting and taking some time off, I’m really not very good at it. When I have a spare day from work, I normally blog or find something else creative to do and I generally find it hard to switch off. As 2016 was one of the busiest years of my life, when November eventually hit, I was drained, tired and ready for some time off.
I think many people especially those working and commuting in London have this so I decided that some real R&R was needed before the new year of madness sets in.

Cue Cornwall!

I had never been to our sunny South West coast before but with its glorious beaches and laid back lifestyle, I think it’s the perfect place to go and recoup after a busy period in your life.

It was actually the lush Hotel and Spa St Moritz that convinced me that I needed some chill time. Set in Trebetherick with the Ocean as it’s neighbour, it is the perfect place to rest up and enjoy some time with your family and loved ones. With a quick look on the hotel’s website and social media channels, me and Gary were convinced it was the place for us so we packed a small weekend bag, grabbed some CD’s for the drive and headed off to Cornwall for some long walks, sleep and massages.

Once we arrived at the hotel, we parked up and headed into reception to check in. I wasn’t sure what the main part of the hotel would look like but I really loved it’s clean, beach style decor and even though it was November, the hotel felt warm and inviting.

Once we were greeted, checked in and ready with our bags, were we shown to our room which was situated on the ground floor.

I wasn’t sure if the ground floor was somewhere I would normally stay but once we walked into our room and saw we had a conservatory with doors out onto the garden, I knew the ground floor rooms were the best of the bunch.

Our room consisted of a large king size bed, a chic bathroom with the biggest bath I have ever seen and gorgeous furniture pieces to make our stay comfortable. I was really taken with how cosy and snug the room was when we first went in and just looking at the bed made me what to jump in it.

As we had some time to relax before dinner we popped into the bar which was located on the first floor of the hotel and crash with some drinks and a paper. It was nice to sit around after the long drive and already I was beginning to unwind, relax and feel at ease. It was nice just to be able to sit and have nothing to do for a few hours which is something I haven’t done for a very long time.

Once we had our fill of drinks and doing nothing but scanning a bit of Facebook, we headed back to our room to wash off the journey and get ready for dinner.

As it was a slight dressy affair, I decided to wear my new Zara jumper and shirt combo with a cute printed skirt from New Look and some booties from Missguided. I did feel a little dressed up as we were only eating at the hotel but it was nice to make the effort especially when I go out to dinner with Gary.

Situated beside the bar, the restaurant was a perfect setting for our first night in Cornwall. The kitchen and dining area were only partially separated which gave the place a nice, welcoming buzz. I found the lighting and general environment was really romantic too and me and Gary couldn’t wait to see what dishes were on the menu.

We well as an array of fish options(well we are right by the sea), there were some really interesting dishes such as Foie Gras and Rabbit for a starter and Roast Cornish Duck as a main dish. Now you may know that I have been over run with baby bunnies recently and I love them dearly but Gary really wanted to try the Foie Gras and Rabbit. I was a little curious about the taste myself but I opted to try some of his while I ordered the delicious Treacle Cured Salmon. For my main there was no question about what I wanted to order when I saw steak on the menu. Teamed with Potato Rösti, Wild Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce it sounded too good to be true. Gary opted for the Duck as it is a dish we both love and served with Butternut Squash, Black Pudding Purée and Wild Flowers just sounded delicious.

After a short wait our starters arrived and I was really surprised at how good the presentation was. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the edible flowers were a great touch and my salmon was beautiful. I did live up to my promise too and tried Gary’s Rabbit which was rich and a lot nicer then I thought it would be.

Our mains shortly followed suit and my steak was cooked just how I like it. The mushrooms and red wine were a lovely combination and I’m surprised we attempted a dessert afterwards as our mains were just so filling and yummy.

Once our bellies were full we said and our thank you’s and headed back to our room. We were both pretty tired from the journey up so we were ready to enjoy a nice long sleep by the sea.

 The next day, after a peaceful night’s sleep, we decided to go for a nice long walk around the coast. The weather was a little touch and go in the morning so we prepped our waterproofs and set off, ready for an adventure.

Jumper – Zara, Jeans – New Look, Coat – Superdry, Boots – Emu Australia, Bag – Moschino.

Luckily we remained pretty dry as we walked around the small cliffs and it even felt warm as we walked and splashed about on the beach.

It was great seeing the locals enjoying the surf as much as we were and it did remain us that sometimes it’s good to take things a little more slower in life. People there just seemed really relaxed and it was really refreshing to see.

As I had a massage booked late that afternoon we decided to head back to the hotel and catch a swim before my appointment. We also booked a table that night in The Mariners restaurant which was in Rock, a neighbouring village and we really wanted to leave plenty of time to drive there and find it.

Once back at the hotel, Gary and me grabbed our gear and headed down to the pool. With two pools (indoor and out), it doesn’t matter what time of year you stay at St Moritz as you still get to enjoy all the facilities they have on offer. With male and female changing rooms and £1 lockers, it was easy to get ready for a dip without run between your room and reception. You can also take your towels out in the pool area if you want to lay one out on the sun loungers which were dotted about.

Once my appointment for a massage was on the horizon, Gary headed back to our room for a quick catnap before dinner and I headed to the spa. It was nice to be able to go after a swim and even though my hair was still dripping wet, the team from Cowshed made me feel really welcome and offered me a drink before I had a consultation.

As I seem to carry stress in my shoulders and upper back, it was lush to have the knots worked out of my muscles and throughout I felt completely relaxed and truthfully ready for bed.

But sleep would have to wait as my stomach was gonna eat itself after my massage!!!

The restaurant where we drove to that night, was in a great location along the coast. As well as a bar situated downstairs, the restaurant was on the first floor offering dinners a peaceful place to eat and enjoy the sea views all around. The food at The Mariners was marvellous too and we left the restaurant happy, full but also sad that our last night was coming to a close.

This trip to Cornwall overall has definitely made me think more about rest time for me and Gary. Even though I was taking pictures and doing my social media during our stay, I have never felt so relaxed in my whole life and it was nice to switch off my brain and let it go on hibernate for a while. The hotel was the perfect setting for us to unwind too and with friendly staff and a beautiful location, I think anyone can enjoy St Moritz no matter what time of year it is.

For more details on this great hotel and spa, visit the St Moritz website here.


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