A trip to The Big Cat Sanctuary

I love big cats. They are such majestic creatures and any chance I get to see them, I will. I was recently invited to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent and it was a dream come true. Along with Gary and our friends David and Natalie(and their little ones), we drove to the sanctuary in Ashford and met up with one of the guides and a group of other visitors.

It was only a small group of people which was nice and once everyone arrived we started to make our way around the sanctuary. The guide that took us around was SUPER knowledgeable about big cats. She informed us of the different species and even behaviours to look out for. We even got to meet Maya who was recently the star of BBC’s Big Cats about the house.

The massive plus side though was having the chance to feed the big cats. Gary and I opted to feed a tiger(he seemed particularly hungry), David feed a Lion and Natalie feed a Cheetah. It was a great moment for us all and it showed us how powerful and strong these animals really are.

The Sanctuary isn’t actually open to the general public but there are ways to visit. You can buy an experience which includes Ranger for the day, Big cat encounter, photo workshops and you can even enjoy an overnight Big Cat Safari stay which I must confess sounds awesome!

There is plenty of things for kids(and big kids) to do while you visit and you must buy one of their cuddly toys to remind you of your special day.

For more information on the Big Cat Sanctuary, visit their website here.

Massive thanks to the Big Cat Sanctuary for having us along for the day.


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