A trip to the World’s most famous Chocolate factory

Charlie and the chocolate factory review Charlie and the chocolate factory review
I love, love, love the theatre. My Mum and Dad always took me for my birthday when I was young so I have grown up seeing some of the classics in the west end like Grease and Joseph. After seeing a documentary about the new show ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ that Sam Mendes has directed, I couldn’t wait to see it. Lucky for me I was able to secure two press tickets so with my Mum in tow, we heading off to see this colorful and exciting show.

Charlie and the chocolate factory review

The show is based in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane which is a beautiful Theatre near Covent Garden. I sadly couldn’t take any images of the show while it was on but I wanted to share some of the interior of the theatre which was stunning.

Now I knew I would enjoy this show as it looked like something I would like but I really didn’t know how good it was going to be! The set design for each scene was cleverly crafted and moved effortlessly, the songs were fun and easy to enjoy and the umpa-lumpa were hilarious! There were many comical moments which appealed to all of the audience and it really was a feast for the senses(which is Sam Mendes over). My Mum totally enjoyed it too and the show was enjoyable from start to finish.

CharlieChoc3 CharlieChoc2


If you love the theatre and are planning a trip to London over Christmas this is something you should definitely book to see! The ticket prices do vary depending on where you want to sit in the theatre but whatever price you pay it will be well worth it and just writing this review makes me what to see if all over again!


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  1. Lindsey Bartlett says:

    I agree, this show absolutely stunned me with the sets, the performances and energy. It’s by far the best show I’ve seen in a long time.

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