Accessory ideas for your home

Accessories for the home I think, are key to making you feel warm, fuzzy and comfortable.  As me and Gary have only been in our new home for a year, we still have tons decorating and replacing windows to do so I think accessories are great for making you feel like you are getting somewhere.

I Just Love It is a fabulous brand that sells lovely gifts, has personalised items and also has these lovely pieces that I have featured here.

Accessories for the home Accessories for the home

Lighting has come a long way from bed side lamps and shades and battery-powered lighting is a great way to add some magic to any room. I love this arrow design from I Just Love It. It takes AA batteries and I decided to keep it in our living room as we really needed something special in there.  It has a real industrial look too which is great as this is a huge influence for me and Gary when we eventually decorate.

Accessories for the home Accessories for the home Accessories for the home

Another item that I just had to have from I Just Love It, is this very special, personalised spoon that has the date that me and Gary got married. Our wedding was back in 2012 but I still think about that day all the time and this chic vintage spoon is a cute piece to have at home to remind me of a very important moment in my life.

Accessories for the home Accessories for the home

Candles and incense are great to use in a bedroom or kitchen and Bolsius Creations has the mix of both. With a variety of scents available, you can have any one of them burning to give your home a nice and refreshing smell.

Accessories for the home Accessories for the home

I am aways guilty of having my earrings or rings hanging around on my nightstand and sadly I can always guarantee that I would knock them onto the floor or one of my earrings would just disappear off the face of the earth! Luckily, Oliver Bonas has made this lovely cactus dishes which is ideal for holding my little jewellery pieces and trinkets and helps keep them safe from wandering hands or accidents!!

I love these home accessories! Are you using something like these in your home?


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