Adding new flavours to my cooking with Mr Wolf Spices

I love experimenting with cooking and since our kitchen has been newly renovated, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to add new flavours to my cooking with Mr Wolf Spices.

Mr Wolf Spices

Mr Wolf Spices are the ideal product for those who love to add a bit of drama to their food. Available in resealable glass jars and packets, these spices are so versatile and flavoursome. You can add them to your curry creations, marinade with vegetables, add to stir-fries or even stir into rice. I don’t eat meat so these spices are great to add some depth of flavour to fish and veg which I eat a lot of.

Mr Wolf Spices

I used the La Rossa spice in a recent pawn curry I created. The paprika, fennel, oregano, rosemary, garlic, bay and cayenne pepper really brought the curry to life and complimented the coconut milk I added for some creaminess. We served this with some simple coconut rice which really tied all the flavours and textures together.

Mr Wolf Spices

If you are a pescatarian like me, Mr Wolf Spices are great to add to any seafood. Cod fillets would be tasty to do in a bag with Pierre’s Erld Smokey Spice to give a smokey edge and you can even add a lemon for a citrus hit.

Mr Wolf Spices

There are so many spices to choose from on the website. From gentle spices like Sweet Raby James, a Mediterranean inspired spice called The Imperial or a meaty option named Pink Pecker. I love that they come in the glass jars too. It’s easy to have them on display in your spice rack and have the packets stored away, ready to refill your glass jars whenever you need to.

Some of the spices also make great dips. The My Cellar Salt mixed with half mayonnaise/crème fraiche is perfect for chips, crisps and flatbread or try sprinkling the salt on a boiled egg at breakfast time.

If you love the idea of these spices but not sure what dishes to use them with don’t worry, Mr Wolf Spices have lots of recipes ideas for you to experiment with. From chicken to lamb or fish to veg, there are some great ideas to get you started and impress your family and friends when you cook dinner for them next.

Why not give them a go?

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