Adidas helps with the running game

Adidas BunnipunchAdidas Bunnipunch Adidas Bunnipunch Adidas Bunnipunch Adidas Bunnipunch Adidas BunnipunchTraining and running a half marathon is no easy feat but most of all, it’s the gear you wear that can let you down. I never knew how much science was involved in running and your sports gear until I started running regularly.  I was really keen to try out some really good trainers and running shorts as I find these can be the hardest things to find that fit well and lucky for me, Adidas had some great options.

First up are these Energy boast trainers. They have a really bouncy sole which reduces the impact to your ankles and knees and the actual trainer part fits like a sock, tight but made to hug your foot comfortably. Running in these has been a breeze so far and they are very soft and perfect for long distance running. The soles also help with different terrain and helps grip gravel, roads and mud.

Shorts are something I prefer to run in as I find my legs have hardened off to the cold and they tend to get too hot in trousers.  Finding some good shorts to run in is always a challenge for me but I love these purple and pink ones from Adidas. With an inside pant-pocket for extra support, these shorts fit me perfectly and don’t move around at all when I am running. They haven’t chaffed either which is the biggest bug-bear for me and best yet, they are in an awesome colour too.

If you have thought about running and would like to take up the sport, why not try some of Adidas’s gear?  They have some great pieces and best of all, it works too.


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