Agi and Sam Evian and interview
Duo designers Agi and Sam have recently collaborated with Evian and made this awesome t-shirt! To celebrate the launch I was able to grab the trendy team for a quick interview about this unique pairing!
Evian is all about being pure, how did come up with a T-shirt to incorporate that? 
We were inspired to create the purest T-shirt in the world because modern life is a constant bombardment of noise and activity, especially in the fashion industry. It can be so overwhelming sometimes, especially living in London, where the fashion world just doesn’t stop. We wanted to create a moment of calm by producing the purest T-shirt in the world, an antidote to everything else out there.
The style of the top is very unique, where did you get the inspiration for the cut?
The statement piece draws inspiration from the Alps, the purity of the glaciers and geometry of the natural structures. The T-shirt is Manufactured by Pally International in Leicester, using unbleached Sea Island cotton (which is handpicked without the use of any chemicals) and is stitched with raw cotton thread. The manufacturing process is fully SMETA and Sedex accredited, meaning that production is kept as pure as the concept. We wanted to translate the understated simplicity of pure drop into a pure garment with the purest details possible.
The premium T-shirt comes in an oversized fit in unbleached white and uses heat embossing to embed a design inspired by glaciers, minerals and the three peaks of the Evian Alps. The T-shirt is cut to a boxy style and has been created just for women.
Has this collaboration made you look at your future collections differently?
We are known for our bright and bold prints so this is definitely something new for us. We loved creating such a pure and understated piece and the simplicity of pure drop gave us the perfect opportunity to develop an item that is completely different to our usual designs. We have had collections that include tartan, tweed, multicolour prints and orange shoes all in one look so this project has opened our eyes to the simpler design features, moving away from clashing textures and focusing on the purity of a product. We focused on the provenance of purity using unbleached Sea Island cotton, which is the purest in the world, with pure unbleached thread, instilling the pure understated simplicity to the garment’s core.
Would you want to collaborate with more brands like Evian in the future?
We teamed up with Evian because the inspiration of the Alps was something that grabbed our attention and made us think about all the amazing designs we could take from it. Evian is an iconic brand and looking at the pure drop bottle we discussed purity as a concept and from that came the idea for the purest T-shirt in the world. Pure drop is bottled water in its purest form, and we wanted to create a fashion item in the purest form too.
For more info on this collaboration or too buy this cool T-shirt, click here.


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