Ambition. When is enough, enough?

I have always been super ambitious.

Even since my early teens, I have always wanted more for myself and I was never afraid to work hard for it. Through my twenties and thirties I was always driving for the next client, big opportunities and even bigger aspirations but now that I am about to hit 40, I’m at the stage where I am comfortable where I am and am, dare I say it, content.

 I think having long covid, changed my frame of mind. I went from being a super active person who rans marathons and was in London constantly for work/events to someone who struggled getting up the stairs. I was suddenly breathless, exhausted and suffering from brain fog and chest pains. It has taken me 18 months to get back to what you could call ‘normal’ but having long covid was a big shock. Most days I couldn’t work and even going for a walk was a real challenge.

I learnt in those 18 months that my health really is the priority. I definitely know now that taking time off and recharging is important for me, my work, my husband and those around me and without time off, how could I ever imagine that I could function properly and enjoy the work that I do?

A Furry friend

And this is where Coco comes in. I have wanted a Pomeranian for years and when we got to a stage in our house renovation where it was safe to have a dog, we finally got one! Coco has been a great help to me.  I have tripled the amount of steps I do in a day (which helps when you work from home) and Coco has been such a joy. I’m enjoying the regular walks with her too and Gary and I love going out with her and seeing how she develops everyday.  We aren’t particularly fussed about having our own children so a fur baby like Coco, suits us down to the ground.

Right now

So now that I am starting to get better and am on the right track work and health wise, I have started to look back at my career and look at what I have achieved. It’s so easy to forget where we started to where we are now and to be honest, it all started here, on my blog. This little piece of the internet gave me such a great launch pad. I was lucky that when I started blogging, there was not instagram or social media and it felt a lot more simpler. From my blog, I was able to work with some amazing brands doing social media take overs, take part in London and Paris Fashion week season after season and meet some amazing people. My blog also gave me a platform to do freelance writing, copy for brands and social media platforms and launch blogger events and start one of my first businesses. I have been lucky enough to work with some very famous icons, experience breathtaking events and travel abroad doing hotel and restaurant reviews. And it’s all thanks to my blog, Bunnipunch. I have definitely been a lot quieter on here in recently years – I don’t think the covid pandemic and my long covid helped much but now I feel like I am back and with a clearer head space for my blog and what I want it to be going forward.

The future

As you can imagine, I am pretty content but I am still planning for the future. I’m planning about what steps I want to take next, where I want to be in the next 5 years but I am also thinking about me. Will I ever be 100% again and well enough to do another marathon? Will me long covid get worse again? I think for now, all I can do is take each day as it comes but also plan a little for the future, regardless of what that future might look like.


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