An afternoon with AOFM (Academy of Freelance Make-up)

AOFM are the multi-talented Academy that offer courses and guidance for the future Make-up artists of the Fashion, Beauty and Bridal industry. From lessons in techniques to showing students the professional way to behave on a job, the AOFM are helping many hopefuls into one of the hardest industries in the UK. With Contacts at London Fashion week, the creators put forward their best students to experience backstage life and the chance for them to make contacts with other professionals in the field. With a great opportunity that many schools would never be able to offer, the AOFM is a great place to learn a new craft and develop your dreams into a reality.
Myself along with some other fashion writers and bloggers were invited down to the school to see the lay-out and speak to Jason and Jana who created AOFM.  As well as wanting to help develop Make-up artists skills, the duo want to show students the harsh reality of the Fashion Industry by adapting their attitude and helping them realise they need 100% commitment to excel in their chosen field.
As well as a look around, we were all offered a wonderful make over and I must say, that I really love the new look that I was given.
As well a some little furry friends, the AOFM really offers a unique opportunity that can benefit and give valuable experience to whoever wants to achieve the most out of their make up career. So on more information on this great Academy please check out their website here.

One response to “An afternoon with AOFM (Academy of Freelance Make-up)”

  1. lotsalashes says:

    ahh miss the little poochies!..i had the pleasure of attending the AOFM academy totally recommend it..was just what i needed to kickstart my career ;0)

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