Back to Netball Freya Team and the England girlsAs a freelancer and blogger you sometimes get some random emails and events and a recent one from Freya topped the lot. I was asked if I wanted to go along to Hemel Hempstead to try out some of Freya’s Active wear and play Netball for a few hours. I was always one to enjoy any sports but the fact that some of the girls from the England Netball team would be there, totally sold it.  After a little warm up and some chasing games, the Freya team were ready to get going.  I haven’t played Netball since I was 11 but it’s funny how a sport and the rules come back to you. I must admit I did get blown up a few times by the Ref as I was throwing myself into the game but generally it was great fun. It was a good opportunity too to try out the Active wear from Freya too and see if their product was up to the job.

I wore the Active Sports top in pink and the Active Sports Pant that comes in Black. The top has a fitted bra inside so you don’t have to worry about packing and padding so your boobs don’t bounce around. They also have a racer back fit which looks super feminine too. The Pant was also comfortable and you could wear them for running, netball or the gym and they have a zip pocket in the back which is perfect for your keys if your out and about.

If you are an active sports girl, I would definitely suggest Freya’s new Active range as they are made for ladies who love sports but want comfort too.

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