Barbie: A girl’s best friend then and now

Barbie FashionBarbie Fashion

Barbie is one of those iconic figures that everyone knows about. She goes hand-in-hand with scrabble, game boy and those brave souls who would tackle the Rubik’s cube but what does she really mean to us? From an early age I always had a fascination with all things pink and girlie but Barbie seemed to be the one thing that I played with continuously. From changing her look, giving her childlike adventures to sharing my pillow, Barbie was a huge part of my younger, developing life. My Nan has told me repeatedly about how I once screamed ‘I want my Barbie, I want my Barbie’ at the top of my lungs in Toys R us and as someone who wasn’t a shouty child, I must have loved her terribly.

Thanks to the Fashion industry (mainly Moschino & Wildfox), brands are embracing Barbie’s appeal and are promoting this icon at the same time. Whether it’s her slogan, hits of baby pink or her LA style, people still love Barbie even as an adult I must admit that I do too. With collections like these we can easily entertain our inner child’s self and I can wear something my older body loves just as much.

Barbie Fashion

Thankfully Barbie is upgrading with the times. The permanently pointed toes are gone and Barbie is now more relatable and versatile. With flat shoe options, a variety of dolls from different cultures and even one with a half shaved head (want her), Barbie has had a revamp and this video proves that it is just the beginning.


With more of a fashion focus, this kid’s favourite is embracing the future and even showing the younger generation that they can be free to be themselves. I must say a personal favourite of mine is entrepreneur Barbie as this doll just proves that the brand is all about girl empowerment, living your dreams and most of all, delivers the message that you should always just be yourself, plastic or not.

Barbie Fashion

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