Bathroom essentials everyone needs

I’ve been on a little health kick recently and as well as monitoring what I put in my body, I have been more aware of what I use on the outside so I created this guide of Bathroom essentials everyone needs.


The Biocera Atozero Happy Shower will be your new best friend. Available with a changeable filter, this shower Head removes harmful chlorine from your water supply. It also energizes the water and leaves your skin and hair feeling fresh, clean and healthy.

You will definitely notice a difference when you start using it too.Bathroom essentials everyone needs

Wash and lotion

Malki Dead Sea produces products rich in natural minerals. Combined with that and the family’s reach heritage, you can imagine that these products are very good.

Unperfumed and direct from the Dead Sea, these products are some of the best I have tried. They have tons of benefits for many different skin types and I adore their body lotion and simple yet effective soaps.

Bathroom essentials everyone needsBathroom essentials everyone needs


I really don’t like having a hairy body. I don’t mind the stubble stage on my legs and underarms but after that it gets irritating and it just makes me feel yuck. I normally shave the areas I need to so it was a nice change when I got to try Silk’n Infinity. Using eHPL technology (combining both Galvanic and Optical Energy sources), this cute little device helps permanently remove hair in the comfort of your own home! I wasn’t sure how it worked at first but there is an easy step by step guide included and even a cute travel case if you wish to take it away with you. A total body treatment, only takes 20 minutes which will save you a lot of shaving time in the future!

Learn more about Silk’n Infinity here.

Bathroom essentials everyone needs


One thing I really hate about my face is blackheads. I get them repeatedly. I have tried lots of different products but I found that the SENSSE Deep Pore Suction Cleanser is great for them. With just some water(filled up via the tank inside), you simply run the cleanser over the tough areas and the suction just sucks up any dirt and oil from your pores. The cleanser is so easy to use and it leaves my face feeling clean and detoxed.

Bathroom essentials everyone needs

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  1. Hannah says:

    Ooh I definitely need that hair removal suggestion! Need something easy to just do at home. Fab post thanks for the tips xxx

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