Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty reviewWinter is finally blowing itself through our small cities and with that comes nights in and cozy oneis. Even though the Party season has slowed down after NYE, there is no reason why you can’t experiment with some amazing makeup brands and create some cute and sassy looks for your next night out!

As eyeliner and slimmer is every girl’s best friend, I was dying to try out Envy Derm’s eyeliner with Gosh’s eye shadow pencil in this gorgeous pale blue.  I think these two are perfect for a glam night out with the girls and both were really great to play with. Envy Derm’s eyeliner was really smooth and easy to draw with and Gosh’s eye pencil was simple to dap on and I used a small round brush to spread the colour on my eyelids.

For big impact eyes I wanted to tone down my lips with a nice Lip therapy from Envy Derm. By conditioning your lips and renewing their natural texture, this lip therapy is ideal if your lips have had a lot of action(lip stick or kissing) and will give them a nice complexion and feel.

To finish off a look like this, I thought blusher was the perfect partner to add a blast of colour. Tesco’s BD Fruity cheek blush is easy to spread on either with your finger or by using a big brush and run the powder up and along your cheekbones. I’m always cautious on how much blusher to use and I probably could’ve used more here but a simple hint looks nice enough too.

Eyeliner – Envy Derm (Lash Growth & Conditioner eyeliner)

Lip Treatment – Envy Derm (Intensive lip renewal therapy)

Mascara – Miners

Eye Shadow – GOSH Forever (07 Blue)

Blusher – Tesco BD (Fruity)

Cat Mask from The Museum of London

Faux fur scarf – Banana RepublicBunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty reviewBunnipunch beauty review2015 is a major wedding year for us, so I thought I would have a play around with some styles that I think I would wear on my friends’ big day.  I don’t usually wear bronzer much but I utterly love this Bourjois Gold bronzing powder for my normally rosy pink cheeks!  Available in this cute flip box, I used a large brush to apply the bronzer and with my blonde hair, I loved how it looked and I will definitely try this product more and more.

To match the browns and golds, I thought I would try this eye shadow from Bourjois.  With a gorgeous colour that will last 24 hours, this Prune is maybe a little dark for some people but applied lightly like I have here, will enable you to wear it as an everyday piece that you can add to your daily makeup routine.  It was very simple to use and with a small but wide brush, it covered my eyelids very quickly and evenly.

Mascara is key for a more muted look and I love this one from Envy Derm.  As well as giving you all over coverage on your lashes, it also acts as a conditioner and will watch over your lashes as you get on with your day.  Available in black, this Mascara was really comfortable to use and would be ideal to wear a few times a week to give your eyelashes some TLC.

I thought nude lips would be best with this makeup style and Tesco’s BD Mood lipstick was just what the doctor ordered.  With a lovely texture and feel when you use it, this lipstick from BD is really soft, smooth and I just love the colour here and how it matches the bronzer and even my skin colour too!

Bronzer – Bourjois

Eye Shadow – Bourjois

Mascara – Envy Derm (Lash Growth & Conditioner Mascara)

Lipstick – Tesco BD (Mood)

Floral crown – Made with Jack Wills

Rose earrings – Topshop

Also if you wanted to try and do your hair similar to mine(above), here are a few steps on how to do it:

1) Slip the crown or headpiece onto your head in your preferred position and make sure it is one that goes all the way around your head.

2) Once in place, just start rolling the loose hair around the wire or band at the back of your head until all the hair is wrapped round.

3) Using hairspray or some slides, secure any loose ends but it’s doesn’t have to look too tidy as it will give you a more boho and whimsical look.Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty review Bunnipunch beauty reviewNow it’s time for a more fun look! I love these Mickey Mouse ears so I thought I would try out some makeup that would compliment such a cute and girlie style and one that was great for everyday(but possibly minus the ears).

To make my skin glow as much as it is here, I used Tesco’s BD Light-effect concealer and Dream shine highlighter.  After I applied my Mac foundation, I used the Light-effect concealer to cover any of my flaws and this great cover up worked perfectly with my foundation! With a great colour, it matched so well and it looked amazing once it was all blended in.  To add some texture, I applied the Dream shine highlighter on my cheek bones and it really gave my face some lift. The highlighter even had a shimmer to it making this a great product for a night time look as well as day time one too!

I used a few products on my eyes here but I started off with Essence Quattro eyeshadow palette.  Using a gorgeous brush from Spectrum, I applied the cream colour on my eyelids and used 2 light coats. Blending in the colour so it spread on my lids and above and around my eye, the effect was the perfect combination for my colouring and wasn’t over the top at all.  I love the glitter flecks in the eyeshadow and I think it suited this look down to a tee. For my lashes I used Envy Derm’s Growth lash Serum. By Simply painting the serum on your lashes and it’s roots, it gives your lashes a more fresher look and it’s great for their condition too.

As I have been pretty toned down with colour on this look, I thought this gorgeous Envy Derm Enhancing and Conditioning Plumper lipgloss in red would be great.  With organic oils and vitamins, your lips do feel a little tingly when you first apply it but it will leave your lips feeling lovely and the colour is great too!

Concealer – Tesco BD

Highlighter – Tesco BD

Eyeshadow – Essence Quattro (Magenta and me)

Eyelash Serum – Envy Derm

Mascara – Envy Derm (Lash Growth & Conditioning Mascara)

Lipgloss – Envy Derm (Lip Enhancing and Conditioner Plumper in Je T’aime)

Mickey Mouse Ears – ASOS

Bunnipunch beauty reviewFor the base of these looks, I used Mac’s fix fluid foundation, Maybelline’s Baby Skin primer, Primark’s new concealer and Burt’s Bees moist towelettes to keep me nice and tidy. As well as these cool basic base pieces, these towelettes are well worth a try and are made from products of mother nature. Available in a big pack of 30, these will be kind to your skin, smell great and are ideal as an everyday wipe and makeup remover too.

Foundation – Mac (NC25)

Primer – Maybelline

Concealer – Primark

Makeup remover towels – Burt’s Bees

So what do you think about these looks? Do you like them?

All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


  • 4 January 2015

    I love all of these looks (: I’ve been wanting to try some new things this year

  • 4 January 2015

    Your eyelashes are amazing.

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  • 4 January 2015

    Love your blog! It’s so pretty!


    p.s. thanks for following x

  • 5 January 2015

    Brilliant post! I love reading blog posts but I find I usually get distracted through lack of pictures! This post had the best of both worlds! Love the makeup too, especially the BD blush! (who knew Tesco could sell good makeup?)
    Jessica xo

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