Bedroom athletics with fluffy slippers

Bedroom athleticsWhen I was younger I used to run around barefoot, care free and never thought about wearing slippers at all.  It’s funny but I didn’t like wearing things on my feet in the house and it wasn’t until I tried sheepskin slippers only a few years ago that I was fully converted!  As plastic can make your feet smell, these amazing natural fibre slippers keep your feet warm, smell lovely and are so comfortable that you won’t ever want to take them off!

Bedroom Athletics has some gorgeous sheepskin slippers in a wide range of colours and with christmas coming up, it’s perfect timing as these will make a ideal present too! I love how soft these are to wear and even though the backs are missing, they stay on your feet fine all day and I live in mine whenever I am at home.

I have the Chocolate brown ones but you can get them in red, tan, grey and a few other colours and for only £40, they are a great investment piece and well worth getting someone who lives in their slippers day(or night).

Images Lois Spencer-Tracey


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  1. leah says:

    Nothing beats a good cosy pair of slippers! Great post too 🙂 x x

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