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I’m always a bit nervous whenever I have an underwear review to do. Being curvy has always made me a little concious of my shell but I am finding that the older I get, the more I am able to except my body for what it is and embrace all my lumps and bumps.

With this in mind, I wanted to show you some new pieces from Freya. As I’m a 30HH/32H, finding a comfortable bra has always been a bit hellish but with brand’s like Freya, it is definitely easier to find a bra for all occasions that you could easily live in. As I’m a sucker for pink and love a simple black bra, this new Hero collection from the brand was ideal to try out. With thick supportive straps and cute glitter seams, I really love how sexy this collection is and the husband seemed to like them too. It’s comfortable enough to wear everyday and the design is simple yet totally chic and makes you feel gre

There are a few brief options for us girls but I always go for a knicker style so I can fit my bum in comfortably. With barely seams around the bottom and a sheer back, these kickers are cute, sexy and above all, easy to wear for work, rest and play. I also always go for a large too as there is nothing worse than underwear that cuts into your waistline.

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As my dressing gown options are pretty limited, it was great to try out brand Verry Kerry and see what delicious kimono style pieces they had to offer. Available in a breathable cotton and embroidery trim, I couldn’t wait to show you this Tanzanite rose dressing gown and it matches my pink bra from Freya perfectly! With a inside and outside tie, this dressing gown is a great item for all seasons and I love how chic and feminine it made me feel.

There are a fair few options from Verry Kerry so I’m sure you will find a dressing gown that is right for you or even as a gift for someone for Christmas.

Have you tried any sexy underwear recently? Perfect time to with Christmas on the horizon!


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