Bikini Review – Freya

Swimwear. The word has always filled me with utter dread as having to buy a Bikini can be a nightmare. As I am a size 10 with 30GG boobs, so one pieces normally give no support what so ever so that only leaves me with Bikinis. 
Lucky for me after a quick chat on twitter to other bloggers, I was pulled into the direction of Freya.
I have know the brand previously by drooling over their bra sets but I have never ventured into their collection of swimwear. 
I am very pleased I finally did!
After scrolling through their website I found two styles, Marinella Rainforest Plunge top and Boogie Orange Halterneck that I was eager to try. 
 The Marinella plunge bra was so comfortable and offered me lots of support in the shoulders and back. With a clip fasting, it is easy to do-up yourself and the straps didn’t dig into the shoulders.
The briefs come in two styles but I preferred the string tie as they were low on my hips but adjustable at the waist.
The Boogie halterneck was a little less uncomfortable compared to the Marinella bra but sat snugly around my back and securely around my shoulders. It was nice to try a halterneck as normally I try avoid them at all costs but Freya’s options are ideal with girls with big busts. The briefs also were a tie side like the Marinella’s but they had a cute ‘Freya’ logo on them to give them a added detail.
Freya have some more gorgeous swimwear on it’s way to us and I can’t wait for the ultra cute Kansas bikini which will be touching down around July! 
What Freya bikini’s are your favourite styles?

4 responses to “Bikini Review – Freya”

  1. Emily says:

    There’s nothing like finding swimsuits that fit, and make you feel good. These seem like specialty suits, though. What does the price tag look like on these?

  2. They look gorgeous, I love the prints! 🙂 glad I found your blog – new follower here x

  3. I am between a 30GG and a 28H. My first correctly-sized bikini was Freya’s Venetian bikini. I found the band stretched out a bit over only a couple of months. I have the review here.

    P.S. I’m glad I found your website; I don’t know of many other bloggers with the same bust size.

  4. Lolo says:

    Thanks for your comment! It’s rare to find another blogger with 30GG! It’s so hard to find things that fit sometimes!

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