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Fearne Cotton’s new A/W range has now launched on line and to celebrate it, Bloggers were given the chance to fire some questions at the Presenter. Here are some of the best ones!
A lot of designers use a darker colour palette for AW collections, what made you decide to keep bright colours for yours? I think it’s really important to include plenty of bright colour in your AW11 wardrobe – otherwise things can get very depressing!
What piece in your AW collection would you say most describes you? The black dress with a vintage cream print and ruffle lace sleeves. It’s a simple design, but made special with the little quirky details. It’s very comfy but girly at the same time. Something I know I will wear to death!
Who is the typical girl who wears your designs, how would you describe her lifestyle? Someone who likes to make a bit of an effort, no matter where she is going. Someone who spends a lot of time with her friends, who likes to have fun and knows what she feels comfortable in and what looks good.
What can we expect from the AW range? Bright colours, gorgeous shapes and flattering cuts – there is something everyone in this collection!

What’s your favourite thing about designing for Very? What made you decide to design your own range in the first place? It’s something I’d dreamed of doing. When Very first approached me, it was a dream come true to have the freedom to design my own range. I was very nervous the first time I handed my sketches over, but I haven’t looked back since!
I love how in your latest collection you can see inspiration through the clothes you wear day to day such as cute vintage patterned dresses and dresses with a peter pan collar, do you design your range for customers who like to dress quirky as well? Or do you try and design a range that any woman could wear? Both really. Some of the pieces I design would flatter most women – really easy comfortable shapes. Some of the “quirky” pieces are for those who have a bit more fashion bravery. I have learnt how important it is to listen to the customer. Very gets fantastic customer feedback – I always use this to help lead me in decisions about my next collection.
Would you ever branch out to designing your own accessories? It’s something we’ve talked about before. At the moment, I’m reluctant. I’d rather focus on doing the clothes and shoes really well; I’d hate to over stretch and end up with something that wasn’t 100%. Maybe one day, but it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time yet.
Do you keep a diary/sketchbook of things which inspire you to help you design each collection? As soon as I know the deadline, I start to make montages and mood boards of image tears and photos, and look to see if a theme emerges. Sometimes I already have a themed planned, in which case I’ll have collected up references from fashion magazines all year round. Then I start sketching, and it all goes from there.
Questions selected were from bloggers, Raindrops of Sapphire, What Emma Did, Hi Fashion and
Fashion Train.


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  1. Fearne is so cute! I love that when asked if she woudl like to create her own accessories line she said “I’m reluctant. I’d rather focus on doing the clothes and shoes really well; I’d hate to over stretch and end up with something that wasn’t 100%.” Very smart of her to say that! Good business practice!

    Xo – Christy

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