Breakfast and a Gossip with Ashley Graham

Breakfast with Ashley Graham 2014Breakfast with Ashley Graham 2014It’s always nice to meet new people in this crazy industry and Ashley Graham is one of the most interesting I have met yet. With her modeling career going from strength to strength and new lingerie collection touching down at Navabi, Ashley was uber down to earth when I got chatting to her and had lots to say on the topic of modeling and her career so far.

Coming from humble beginnings, Ashley’s Mother always had an air of confidence and natural beauty which any girl would aspire to be like. Embracing her curves from an early age (with the help of her Mother’s influence), Ashley grew up with the intention of being successful but by being exactly who she was and still is.  With pressures from the Fashion industry on what all of us should wear, think and eat(or not eat), Ashley has always been someone who has accepted her body and just wants to be happy and healthy.

As lingerie for the more curvier lady can be an utter nightmare(believe me, I know what it’s like being a 30GG), Ashley wanted to create a sexy yet comfortable collection that is supportive and looks amazing too! With black satin and lace trims, this collection looks gorgeous on Ashley and I think would look beautiful on any curvy girls of all different shapes and sizes.

Check out the collection here at Navabi and any comments on what you think of the collection and plus size modeling are welcome as always!

Breakfast with Ashley Graham 2014 Breakfast with Ashley Graham 2014 Breakfast with Ashley Graham 2014


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