Call it Spring – Schapp Stiletto is dressy dressy

Lowie and Call it spring bunnipunch Lowie and Call it spring bunnipunch Lowie and Call it spring bunnipunchClassic girlie dresses that scream of feminine chic and class, generally aren’t me. I have always shone away from anything that enhances my bust and figure and prefer a more LA relaxed feel. I needed to come up with a smart look for my last post for Call it Spring but I wanted to put a new spin on it and wear something that is slightly out of my comfort zone.

Lowie is a strong knitwear brand that is spreading their wings and creating unique and quality clothing that has a great female presence. This Fruit check dress has a lovely shirt quality and fits my body perfectly. With a an hour-glass shape and belt, this dress reminds me of Charlotte from Sex and the City and her classic upper east side style and chic-ness. As this dress is something I would never normally wear, it was great to try and it has definitely changed my mind on this shape and also made me a fan of Lowie’s pieces.

Of course to finish off this look, I knew the Call it Spring Schapp heels would look perfect. They really add a vintage yet modern look to this dress and the black really makes the patterns on the dress pop.

Dress – Lowie

Shoes – Call it Spring

Necklace – New Look

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