Caritaz Clover Necklace! On my wish list!

The lovely and giving people at Caritaz have some amazing silver jewellery that is beneficial for the wearer(as so lovely to look at) and for the chosen Charity that Caritaz will donate 25% of the sales to!
As I only ever wear silver jewellery, the Clover necklace is on my hot list to wear for the up and coming party season. Would also be great for a lovely Christmas stocking filler and should be on every girls list to Santa! The Necklace is based on the Sex and the City 2 necklace that Carrie wore in the movie(another reason why I swoon). 
With the stunning Swarovski Crystals, you get something beautiful you will treasure and help a Charity at the same time!
Sounds like a winner to me!

3 responses to “Caritaz Clover Necklace! On my wish list!”

  1. Wow that is stunning! Would look great with almost anything!

  2. Lois says:

    It’s amazing! I love it!

  3. dramaqueen says:

    You have awesome taste! I normally go for the more gothic/dark jewellery but I would actually wear this.

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