Chanel A/W 2011- Paris Fashion Week

Chanel A/W 2011 Paris Fashion Week
You can imagine my excitement at attending Chanel’s A/W show for Paris Fashion week but nothing prepares you for the amazingness that is a Chanel show. With a bottomless Budget and the Grand Palais to play with, it’s no wonder that Karl’s shows are always packed out or people waiting outside to get a seat and see the spectacular show for his new season.
The collection fused inspirations from a classic Chanel era using the tweed jackets, trousers and dresses but Karl also used casual ideas that worked perfectly with timeless pieces for the new season. With jeans, block heeled boots, large swing jackets and arm warmers, this season Chanel is all about the urban chick that many boho girls present but with a little French chic thrown in. This collection will work extremely well with the London crowd as we all seem to like a little Grunge Princess and Chanel are perfect for this always.
I feel utterly privileged to have gone to a Chanel show, not because it’s nice to see the show or see what they have transformed the Grand Palais in too but because Chanel is one of the reasons I first got into Fashion. It is a label and brand that broke the rules, mended the soul and gave women a voice all those years ago and I believe it still has that purpose today. As fashion was born in an industry suffering of oppression and ‘the norm’, Chanel broke feel from the way women should dress and act, giving them confidence and a voice that woman still have today whenever they choice to wear it.

All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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  1. Pauline says:

    Comment tu as eu la place au défilé?
    J’adore la mise en scène du défilé 🙂

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