Charlie le Mindu
80’s retro is the one of many inspirations I saw from the Charlie le Mindu collection for SS11. The hair pieces were amazing, covering the models bodies like fur coats in rustic colours.
The Head gear of bottles, Hollywood signs, flamingo and dog heads added to the LA 80’s feel of outspoken clothing and glamour.
Even the models who were naked or parshly, looked super glamours parading down the runway with their red lips and big eyes.  Mixing bright luminous hair and the all in one body suits with the on-trend leopard print added to the poster girl look of the 1950’s that added to the look.
In all, Charlie Le Mindu’s collection was unique, liberating and free from the restraint of the modern trend directions.
All I can think about is what the designer will do next.
All Pictures by Lois Spencer-Tracey

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