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Do you have too much stuff? I know I do. Gary and I have had repeated conversations about ‘how much stuff there is in our loft’ and when December 2020 hit, I decided I wanted to cleanse my life of stuff.

Now I’m not just talking about our loft, I’m talking about every single room in our home.

We have been renovating our house for 5 years now and in that time we have collected tons of stuff and we have the old age problem of moving into a bigger place that you then fill with even more stuff.

To kick-start my cleanse, I am currently attacking my wardrobe. I have learned over the last few years that I really don’t need as many bags, shoes, coats etc that I do own so instead, I wanted to strip my wardrobe down and only keep the things I wear regularly, that are ideal for meetings etc and then keep my prized possesions like my designer items. What’s even scarier is that I have tons more clothing in our loft so to start getting through the huge amount of items I want to say goodbye to, I have given myself a target of listing 10 items a week to sell on eBay, Vinted, and Depop. I have got off to a pretty good start already but need to keep the momentum up if I want to make a big enough dent.

With the money I raise from selling these items, I am going to put towards paying off my credit card and also get a collection of items together to go to the charity shops (when they are back open after the lockdown).

I will give a little update in a few months on how I’m getting on but if you feel the urge to have less stuff, maybe try watching The Minimalists on Netflix(came out this month) or set yourself a target – sell 30 items and put the money towards an expensive designer item you have always wanted? Sounds like a great idea to me…