Kite store visitKite store visitKite store visitKite store visitKite store visitKite store visitKite store visitKite store visitKite store visitHaving bad eyes as a child always seemed to be a curse but now that glasses are getting more funky and cool, I’m pleased that I need to wear specs every day and it gives me a chance to accessorize my face too!

I’m always keen to try new brands that have unique styles and Kite have some amazing options that are uber stylish and have a variety of colours too.  British designed and created in Italy for a pure quality texture, the lenses are also German made making Kite a British brand that embraces the strong talents that Europe has to offer.

The store itself in Westfield Stratford, has a real clean-line, simply layout that makes the products pop-out, making it easy to see why the brand are so cool and on-trend. The staff in store had excellent customer service and I felt like I had a real personal experience and it was great to ask the team what glasses they thought suited me best.

I have ordered the Fourier in the blue translucent and I am so excited to try them when they are ready! The lenses I am having will also be transition ones so in the sunshine they will change to grey so it will be nice to wear these instead of having to wear lenses and opt for sunglasses in the summer sun.

Kite have an amazing store and a fabulous collection so if you need some new specs or you just want some quality sunglasses, why not pop into Kite at Westfield Stratford and experience this great brand and their excellent service.

All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey

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