Cosy comforts for the winter ahead

I think us humans all like to wear our compy clobber when the weather starts to turn a bit cold. There’s nothing better than clean PJ’s, the radiators all toasty and curling up with your family and watching a movie.

As it is almost prime weather for this to be a regular occurrence, I thought I would take advantage and reveal some of the cutest and warmest loungewear you can buy right now for the winter(and Christmas) ahead.

As you may know, I have rabbits. 5 of the little buggers. And after owning said rabbits, I have become a little obsessed with anything with long ears and a cottontail. You can imagine then my excitement when I discovered that Boux Avenue has made this amazingly, snuggly rabbit dressing gown with hood and bunny ears. As I knew this would bring joy to me and my husband(he will be taking the piss out of me regularly for this), I knew I had to have it!

I thought it would probably be pretty cosy but I wasn’t prepared for just HOW SOFT this dressing gown really is! It’s so soft that when I was taking these pictures, Bunni happily laid on my arm as snug as a bunny in a rug. I also didn’t want to take it off and even Gary kept commenting on how lovely it was. Also the hood and ears are too die for! Both look ace and the hood is great for keeping my head warm.

Size wise I ordered a 14 which proved to be pretty roomy for my bum and the boobs. If you are a 12 maybe go for a 12 but if you, like me, like your clothes a little big, order a bigger size.

As well as bunny costumes 😉, Boux Avenue also has other options of loungewear for you to try including this amazing longline hoody dress in charcoal! I thought it would be great for this in-between weather as it will keep me warm but cool at the same time. You can layer it tons too with either a dressing gown or even PJ bottoms underneath. Size wise, again these come up a little big. I am wearing a 14 here and it feels roomy but really it’s best that way so you are always comfortable every time you wear it.

Normally I wear flip flops at home in the summer but come autumn/winter these new slippers from Shephy are what I will be wearing religiously. Made with premium quality Merino shearling, Shephy’s slippers are warm, soft and fabulous for keeping your tootsies warm.

Hope you enjoy getting cosy at home this autumn and winter in your new loungewear.


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